Cryptodog is a community-developed fork of the original Cryptocat browser extension, which was discontinued in February 2016.

We offer two things:

Differences from Cryptocat


The recommended way to run Cryptodog is via our Chrome and Firefox extensions. Using our browser extension ensures you always have the official, most recent version.

If you just want to test out Cryptodog, we have a client hosted on GitHub Pages.


Bug reports are encouraged! If you find a flaw in the Cryptodog client or server, please open an issue on GitHub.

If you believe the issue is particularly sensitive with regard to security, we would appreciate coordinated disclosure. Our security contact is If you would like, you can use our PGP key.


Cryptodog is experimental software. It is suitable for educational and casual purposes only.

Do not use Cryptodog if you have a critical need for anonymity and privacy. This includes journalists, sources, activists, and citizens of oppressive countries.


Cryptodog is based on version 2.2.2 of Cryptocat. The vast majority of changes are UI-related; neither the client cryptography nor server backend have been modified. However, this does not preclude Cryptodog from introducing vulnerabilities not present in Cryptocat.

For further details regarding Cryptodog's security model, see the Cryptocat Wiki.


General queries should be sent to